About Bust Busters, Inc.

Who are we?

A Florida non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status that provides support services to breast cancer survivors and seeks to improve community awareness about the importance of early detection methods.

Our Mission

To improve community awareness on the importance of Breast Cancer early detection methods and support services.

Core Values

Compassion- a commitment to listening to our clients and providing the services they need and ask for with patience and understanding.

Integrity-A commitment to honesty and fairness for all with standards and controls appropriate to uphold the community trust.

Effectiveness-A commitment to managing resources carefully to achieve desired results with high efficiency and quality.

Our Goals

-To increase awareness about early detection of breast cancer among young women
-To encourage a life long practice of monthly breast exams, recommended clinical breast exam and mammogram.
-To identify national, state and local resources that are accessible.

Support Services

-Workshops entitled "Breat Health Iniative"
-Restoration Retreat
-Extended Hands
-Referral Coordination

Contact our office today for more information about our programs.

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